Drop me off on a stormy shore with a hot coffee and some Xavier Rudd tunes and I’ll be just fine. Home is Vancouver Island, surrounded by evergreen giants, rugged alpine and the deep blue. The sound of crashing waves rolling the rocks, the incredible scent of cedar fires and the taste of salt in the air.

This island is more than just the place that I call home. It’s a part of who I am, and more importantly to my clients, it’s a part of my vision and a part of why those who seek love in the true Pacific North West are drawn to my work. Nothing makes me happier than documenting love on the island and the West Coast of BC.

I’ve learned over the years of being married, raising two children and loving and losing those closest to me, that photographs are some of the most treasured things we hold onto. They are there to remind us of moments we forgot. The details we never really thought about. And they are there to reignite feelings and emotions from a particular moment in your life. It gives me so much joy to be able to make those images for others.

So let’s get out there on our adventure together and document what matters most in your lives.